Toronto, Chiropractor Dr. Mateusz Krekora

Chiropractic Expertise in Migraine, Headache, and Back Pain Relief | Enhancing Posture, Mobility, and Strength in Downtown Toronto

About Me

Meet Dr. Krekora

“We are not a band-aid solution. We focus on treating more than just symptoms, delving into the root causes of recurring injuries. Our approach includes a full body assessment through the NeuroStructural examination, emphasizing Corrective Chiropractic care.”

Dr. Mateusz Krekora

Corrective Chiropractor

Why I Chose To Be A Corrective Chiropractor?

As a track athlete in high school, I struggled with unrelenting knee pain that had limited results with “traditional” physical therapy. I was so frustrated because competing in track and field meant the world to me and my injury was simply deemed as something I would need to ‘outgrow’. I was fortunate enough to meet a Corrective Chiropractor who considered how my spine and nervous system contributed to my problem.  She inspired hope in me with her care and helped me return to competing by my last year of high school. 

I am dedicated to inspiring and supporting individuals in reaching their health goals. It excites me that I can be a part of the process of transforming your health and lifestyle!

A Little Bit About Me

I am a University of Toronto alumni and a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. I am a former varsity track athlete but have shifted gears (pun intended!) into the world of road cycling. I am grateful for the new challenges and new faces cycling has introduced to me. As well, the various coffee stops we take around the city satisfies my need for pastries and caffeine. When I am not pushing pedals, I am most likely out walking my rambunctious yorkie Zara (fortunately for me, her puppy energy never faded). After the long walks she takes me on, I replenish my energy by exploring the diverse and endless food experiences the city has to offer (recommendations are always welcome!). I have lived in Toronto’s east side all my life and the city has given back so much to me. I am looking forward to serving the great communities of the city by supporting health optimization.