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Cervicogenic Headaches: Headaches Originating from Your Neck?

Understanding Cervicogenic Headaches

The International Classification of Headache Disorders defines cervicogenic headaches as headaches caused by a disorder of the cervical spine, including its bony structures, discs, or soft tissues, often accompanied by neck pain, though not always (1). This means some headaches may stem from issues within your neck, even if you’re not experiencing neck pain. This detail is crucial because many individuals might not realize the source of their frequent headaches is, in fact, their neck.

How Corrective Chiropractic Can Assist

Corrective Chiropractic aims to identify and address the root cause of health issues, which often points back to the spine. I utilize spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) to correct misalignments within the spine. For those experiencing cervicogenic headaches, dysfunction often lies within the cervical (neck) and upper thoracic (upper mid-back) spinal segments.

A comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis—representing the pinnacle of research quality—has shown that correcting spinal misalignments offers the most significant relief for patients compared to other treatments. Those undergoing chiropractic care reported less pain and fewer occurrences compared to other interventions, like massage, primarily because chiropractic care targets the root cause, rather than merely offering temporary relief.

Is the Relief from Headaches Long-Lasting?

While individual results vary, research supports the potential for sustained headache relief through SMT. One study compared SMT, specifically targeting the upper thoracic and cervical areas, against spinal mobilizations combined with exercises (1). Participants received 6-8 sessions of their respective treatments. Remarkably, the SMT group reported significantly greater reductions in headache intensity and disability three months post-treatment. This group also experienced less frequent and shorter headaches at every follow-up, with a notable increase in perceived improvement as early as 1 and 4 weeks into treatment.

Why This Matters

These findings underscore the effectiveness of spinal correction for headaches originating from neck issues. Long-term relief may remain elusive without addressing the underlying problem properly.

Interested in Exploring Further?

Schedule a Case Review and NeuroStructural Examination with Dr. Mateusz Krekora at Toronto Corrective Chiropractic. We’ll determine if your spine is at the root of your headaches and whether Corrective Chiropractic Care is the right solution for you.


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